Hello I am Tank, a Mini Bernedoodle. I am an emotional support animal and I am currently being trained and certified as a therapy dog.

Mental Health Benefits of an Emotional Support Animal

Studies show that emotional support animals can provide a comforting presence to handlers that suffer from a variety of mental health issues. As the benefits of using ESA’s grow, doctors are now expanding their patients to include those that suffer from;


Mild to severe anxiety

Agoraphobia (fear of being outside of the home)

Aerophobia (fear of flying)


General Anxiety Disorder

Stress-induced situations

Social shyness

If you or a loved one suffers from a mental disability, doctors are noting vast improvements with their patients in the following areas with the aid of an emotional support animal;

Increase in being social

A boost in their self-esteem

Patients feel more safe and comforted

More motivation

A decrease in the symptoms of the diagnosed illness

An increased sense of purpose